Has anyone else tried this? Here are a few that I kept dicking around with the finishes on them, some turned out pretty sweet. I'm an UG noobwad so put them as attachments, not sure how you upload them on to the post on the thread, if someone tells me I'd appreciate it. I'll upload more when I can, I have some other weird finishes to show y'all.

Oh and if anyone doesn't know what I'm on about, but wants to try:


(it's free and has 21 body shape models)
If you want to put a pic up and not have to put it as an attachment, get the image url(right click on pic, it comes up as image address if you're on firefox) and then paste it into your post. Then put (Invalid img) remove spaces between the brackets.

If you want to upload your own pictures, go to an image hosting website like imageshack or imgur and upload it there and then get the image url from that.

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Ah, thanks! I appreciate your help, I tried the image thing but got confused when it asked for a URL. Thanks though, I understand now and will try that with any other images I post on here =D