They are good aren't they? This is very nice to hear haha as I'm Dutch myself
They're awesome. Last time I went to Holland I bought about five or six packs, at least. My bag was overflowing with awesome stroopwaffels.
Depends if the sirup is smooth. Sometimes it feels like paper.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

They're heaven.

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The just made ones that are still warm are really nice.
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Google to find out more

Or don't.

Stroopwafels are awesome.
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They taste just like regular waffles but they're bigger.
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Yeah they are great, but the waffle needs to be crunchy. Some are a bit tough, like they are old.
Are they the ones with caramel in the middle? if so, yes they're lovely.
I much prefer:

Whenever we didn't have our french homework we would have to buy these. Our teacher of course had to sample each pack first to check for poison
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Stroopkoekjes are excellent too.

Love that shit. Makes me glad I fly mainly with KLM.
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Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
I heard the idea is to put it on top of a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa and then the heat melts the syrup so it drips in.

But personally, I'm not a big fan of the syrupy-ness.
There it is then, the biscuit (?) you cannot hate
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So glad i'm Dutch just for these im freaking addicted to them

I love Holland. The accent is amazing, and Albert Heijn is a beastly store.
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Google to find out more

Oh god..
I hope you don't mean...
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Stroopwafels & weed are the only reasons I kindof enjoy living in the Netherlands.
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Lovely to see these as a Dutchie on here. That and Dutch apple pie are really the only thing Dutch cuisine has to offer. They're lovely, and the apple pies are AMAZING.
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