Hello guys.

I recently lost my amp and a whole lot of money because some guy (HIS NAME IS NATHAN) i've never met before apparently picked up my courier package and signed it. Since somebody signed it already, i'm stuck without help from insurance etc. Anyway, i'm left with an Orange Microcrush and a Boss GT-10. For some reason the Microcrush isn't with me until a few weeks and i've never tried it with my GT-10 before.

My question is; will the Microcrush work well with the GT-10? If not; any recommendations on speakers; or amps to go with my GT-10? My budget is around $200... Sigh.

EDIT: I need something loud enough to allow me to jam with a mate on drums.
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You could get a keyboard amp.
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yes, i know. anyone with speaker recommendations? keyboard amps are not so desirable..