I Have played guitar for many years, and have been focusing on my voice for quite a few months, learning to breathe properly and doing vocal exercises every day. Now I am in a situation where I cannot really figure out application for all these exercises. I just do not really know what my singing voice is. I know how I sound doing classical vocal technical exercises, but I do not play classical music, so I do not understand how to progress or find my voice. I mimic others when I am playing covers, so I have like a Cee lo voice when I play a Cee Lo song, a Greg allman voice when I am doing allmans stuff. I can to many different inflections of my voice. I want to know what MY voice is. Questions I have are:

How does one find their true singing voice?

How does one learn a song vocally?

How can someone work on learning others songs using their 'voice'?

Thanks guys

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Classical is a really good way to start.

Or try singing songs that everybody knows (or most everybody anyway). Favorite Things, Star Spangled Banner, Jingle Bells, hell... twinkle twinkle little star.

Songs like that where they don't have ONE particular way to sing them. It might help you figure out your own voice.

Personally I tend to also do a bit of the imitate thing, and I try really hard to break myself of it (mainly when singing along to favorite singers etc).

My singing teacher noticed one day she said to me "Heather, who is that? That isn't you." I wasn't even aware I was doing it. A singing teacher will be able to catch when you do it, but without one you just need to get yourself used to what is you.