over this summer i've modded 3 of my guitars, 2 strat copies and my acoustic.

both strat copies looked like your bulk standard strat like this:

i modded my main guitar to have a humbucker in the bridge and i changed the controls to 3 on/off switches for the pickups and just a master volume and tone, and i changed the pickup covers to be black for the middle and neck pickups.

With my brothers old guitar i made th epickguard black using black tape and changed th epickup covers of the bridge and neck pickups also i changed the strings to 12s so i could have a guitar in B standard :P I also wrote some stupid stuff on some white tape i put on!

Then i put the bridge pickup i'd taken out of my first strat in my acoustic using some blue tack then wired it into a jack that i put into some cardboard i'd bent around the outside so i could have a jack but didn't have to drill the guitar.

and how i shimmied the jack on:

i'm quite pleased with my work really! considering i'm quite bad at this kind of thing and really my main electric was the main part of it and it came out pretty well

any advice on what i could've done better?
I think the changing pups in the Strat to a hum was pretty decent, but all the tape on the acoustic really kills the look of it.
yeah i know what you mean, might try and cut down on the amount of tape but my brother had already covered it with stickers and i guess at some point i might drill a hole for the jack but i dunno when.
They make jacks for accoustics that go in the strap button pin holes. Those have built-in buttons so you can still use the strap. They need a slightly bigger hole, but not much.

Those stickers will probably destroy the finish on the guitar anyway. Maybe the adhesive won't damage the actual finish. But chances are the areas covered with the stickers won't fade as fast as the rest of it from exposure to UV light present in the ambient light over the years.

So at this point, drilling won't make a big difference in the value.