Hello All.
Long story short i bought an amp second hand for £80. A Line 6 (yes i know) Spider II 210 120W
Thought because it was solid state, Loud enough and cheap enough i could take it to band practice with me.
Before i had a chance to about 5-6 weeks after i bought it, it broke.
There's no little light display when you switch it on like you get with Line 6's and no sound from the guitar.
I gather it's a software/electrical problem from my googling but now i've got a useless brick but 2x10" celestion speakers to play with.
I'm handy with solder and wiring so why not.

I figure i need a preamp and power amp now, but i'm not too sure with powers, voltages etc.
Which is where you guys come in, Can anyone recommend any (preferably cheap) pre/power amps?
Will it work with 2 speakers?
Will it even work?

If anyone knows of any tutorials or reading material i should check out please share.
Thanks Guys
So you're wanting to build a new amp inside of the dead spider? If thats the case you should start out with something simple like a little 5 watt champ or something like that, as for reading material you've got a ton of stuff to read up about safety, go to the amp building resource thread, it's in the essentials thread here in the GB&C.
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