Hi, looking at getting a decent mid-range guitar. I'm looking for a decent metal guitar with a locking bridge, as I don't have any desire to use a tremolo, and I hear tremolo-less systems keep in tune better. Liking the Schecter Hellraiser or Omen, any other suggestions? Cheers.
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What kind of metal.
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The ec-1000 has locking tuners and a locking bridge. Really stays in tune unless you change the tuning. Also the sustain goes on for days. Great guitar. That's my recommendation.
I have an LTD EC-500 which I think now they do a similar guitar with the 401...highly recommend it.

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a good floyd stays in tune better than most hardtail bridges
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Jackson SLSMG you're welcome

This. I've got one and i love it. Mine doesn't have the active EMG's in it though. I believe a lot of Schecters have fixed bridges too. Also keep in mind that you can always block off a cheap tremolo system, and you'll still have the locking nut to keep you in tune forever.
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Any of these would serve you well. The main difference between metal guitar brands seems to be neck profiles - Schecter seems to favor the wide n' fat, ESP's are medium-width and slim, and Jackson and Ibanez are wide and flat. Try a few and pick which one you think is most comfortable.
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How about a ESP V II it has a fixed bridge with locking tuners. I got mine over a month ago and it plays and sound awesome. They are not easy to find though.

really depends on what body style your wanting and the sound your looking for..
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You really can't think of any good guitars without trems?
@Ghold125: hopefully no more than AU$1000 at the most? That depends on how well I can save money though!
@Ghold125: hopefully no more than AU$1000 at the most? That depends on how well I can save money though! I'm looking on ebay, and a lot of guitars on there that are recommended $1000AU or more can found for 2/3rds that. Like, there's that Ibanez RG321: RRP $1195, offered for $600 and free postage
@Ghold125: hopefully no more than AU$1000 at the most? That depends on how well I can save money though! I'm looking on ebay and they sell them much cheaper on there in a lot of cases. Like, that Ibanez RG321 is on there, advertised for $599, but the guy said it had an RRP of $1195?
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