Okay, so my band is playing a show tonight (my 3rd show with the band). I was pretty nevous before other two shows and I'm kinda starting to feel it now. But once I'm onstage, the adrenaline gets going and I just forget about everything (except our songs of course). So tell me, what do you do before a show to help calm the nerves and what are some pre-show rituals you do...Also, I think alcohol is out of the question since I gotta drive and I'm underage (although that didn't stop the bartenders at the last two shows from giving us free beer all night)
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Dude it will be cool, you just try keeping a cool head, at the very worst youll be a bit nervous during the first song and after you successfully play it, then youll be completely chill and go trough the entire setlist with no problems at all.Unless you dindnt practice enough or arent confident in your skills.
pre-show shit every time
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its not much, but just having quality band time right before a show will help. even if its just sitting around a table eating Burger King or pizza right before you leave for the venue. its just a way to stay close as friends
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Frequent trips to the bathroom for some reason. My bladder seems to go into overdrive if I'm nervous before a show. Showing up well rehearsed calms the nerves a bit too. Anyone that's not singing shouldn't even have nerves, I believe. That's a whole other thing entirely.
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(although that didn't stop the bartenders at the last two shows from giving us free beer all night)

one of the perks ha ^^^

I do the same thing before every show. Eat either taco bell or Jimmie johns, take a sh**, and then isolate myself and listen to Andy Mckee until it's time to go on.

Eating seems to settle my stomach from those preshow nerves and Mckee just soothes me lol
Try and get together with your band the day of and play through your set a few times. Your and your band will feel more confident about the set.
And yeah like above, use the bathroom alot ;D
It never completely goes away, but lessens over time.

As soon as you can wrap your head around your skill capability and realize that you ARE pretty good at what you do, then your confidence will go up and nerves will calm down.

Remember that you are doing what most people in the audience can only DREAM of doing, whether due to skill or courage. You have successfully demonstrated both.

As an alternative, 'roid out and lift weights until you are freakish. Then you will fear nothing, and the crowd will love you, even if for nothing else they are scared shitless.
it should get less and less as you do more shows. try to pump yourself up about the gig. try to focus on just going up there, rocking out and having fun. honestly, hardly anyone will notice mistakes or even care. im still breaking out of my shell on stage. but i usually do have a beer or two. not too much or ill play worse. usually one before, and one to sip on stage. for whatever reason just puts me more in the zone for having fun and not being too serious. if not, i find usually after the first song and first solo im good anyway. its getting better though. my last show i hardly felt nervous at all. it just takes time. i used to get nervous even going to practice lol. but ive gained more confidence in what i can do now. it just takes time.