To my Sons:

I will protect. I will not fail. I will be faithful. I will be honorable. I will tell the truth. I will…

We flip these words from our tongue light as feather yet we will not bear these same words upon our shoulders because we claim they are too heavy. It is one or the other.

Either we stand committed to the goal of excellence and achievement or we sit uncommitted and unfulfilled.

There is that which I have searched high and low for. That which I have done my very best to uncover. Nowhere have I discovered it. Nowhere have I encountered it.

“It” is that which forces us not to act. That which prohibits us from achievement. That which stands in our way of progress.

I am confident when I put to you “It” does not exist for one committed to his goals. “It” does not exist for he who is faithful to his principles. “It” does not exist for one whom honors his self reliance. “It” does not exist except as an excuse in the mind of the weak.

For he who is in command, there is never an excuse. For he who is committed, there is never an easy way out. For he who is in pursuit of truth, there is nothing of value except that which is…the truth.

These are the people you should become. These are the people whose counsel you should seek. These are the people whose philosophy should marry your own.

That is all I want for you. That is all that is worth having.

Your Father