Hey everyone

So, I have some questions about something I know very little about. I'm getting some new pickups this week which I plan to put into my PRS Tremonti SE. I thought, at the same time while I have the soldering iron out I could replace all of the electronics with higher quality components.

So my question is what should I be buying and from where? Any bits and pieces I need for guitar I get from Axesrus and they seem to have a selection of pots etc are these good quality? Also, is there much point to me doing this? (I'm based in the UK so would like to deal with UK companies)

There isn't much point doing it in my opinion... Unless you want to something special with the wiring. Otherwise a volume knob is a volume knob. Replacing everything will increase your change of stuffing up the wiring somewhere too
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a volume knob is not just a volume knob actually.

for a start, you can get 2 different types of tapers. alot of cheap wiring use logarithmic pots, which are kinda like a straight line from 0-10. meaning, you turn it up half way, you get 50%. but your ear (silly ears) hears it differently from that. thats why sometiems you hear a big change between 1-4, and nothing between 5-10. audio taper pots are meant to follow the natural curve of your ear, so that it sounds more smooth from 1 to 10. but alot of it is personal preference.

so yeah, upgrading the electronics is usually good and worth it, as long as you wire it correctly which isnt very hard.
axesrus is a pretty good site to get stuff from. check out dempseys thread, he's upgrading with gear from axesrus. and his other thread which i cant find included a good explanation about the pots.
Plus, good quality components will last you a good while. Cheapo shit from Korea will usually crap out. Pots, especially, since they start sounding scratchy really quickly
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