This will sound very OCD, but oh well:

I can play song X with intense solo (<3 Loomis), and I'd say when I run through the scales, and the song itself, there always seems to be one or two notes that I fudge up on in the faster parts.

I'd like to become more perfect at it (if you know what I mean despite that being a loopy description), but I'm not sure how to go about it.
Most of the time I can sail through the scale at 180+ bpm and lets say 95% of the time hit each note exactly when it should be, end it with some nice vibrato. I don't know why but there's the occasional times where a note will have some kind of blip that is a minor mistake, but enough so that a seasoned guitarist will go "huh" and clueless people won't notice. I always thought when you can do what I can do, you never really make mistakes anymore, but I can clearly see how wrong I am there.

Is the best way to fix these last few random mistakes that crop up just more playing time? Practicing at 40 bpm does me nothing at this point when I can pull it off at 180 bpm flawlessly for the most part. I KNOW IM HUMAN and I will **** up occsaionally, just I see Loomis maybe mess up once every 6 songs, whereas I'll screw maybe 10-12 minor things up over 6 songs.
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slow it down and then speed it up. with a metronome, at 90bpm, speeding it up in groups of 4bpm. end of.

Oh, and loomis, petrucci and other virtuoso guitarists mess up live much more than you think, you just dont notice it, and because what you see as a mistake will differ from what they do.
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It's just a matter of practice, like you say, you're only human and remember Loomis probably wrote the song and has been playing for many years so he WILL have it pretty much perfect.
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Practice it much faster, if you learn to play it at like 200 bpm or more and hit 95% of the notes then 180 will be a lot easier
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Practice it much faster, if you learn to play it at like 200 bpm or more and hit 95% of the notes then 180 will be a lot easier

^That. In percussion, i was taught to be able to play everything 20 bpm over what the original tempo was. it really works.

Also, recheck your technique. I find that every couple years, i have to really evaluate how much ive let my technique slip. so i get a camera and videotape myself. i listen for errors and look at my fingers. i always find one bad thing i do is let my thumb too far over the neck.
^ yeah, you want to be in your comfort zone even at the difficult bits. Aside from that, just keep practising, keep improving. Make sure your practice is 100% or your playing won't be.