Ok, I'm working on learning how to figure out the key of songs and I ran into one that isn't clicking for me. Can anyone tell me what key this backing track is in?


And just to get the ball rolling I keep coming back to Ab minor. But Gm and Am both sound like they would work. Actually, depending on the volume and tone of my guitar when playing it fits better with each to my ear.

Also, I found a other websites where one person says it's Am.. another says to play A or G over it. But to my ears it sounds right with Ab minor.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

find out what chords are in the track, then you'll know
Abminor blues. thats what i get out of it. it has a lot of weird phrases though. cool song.
i really like 1:45. chromatic descending thing.
i played a little over it and i found that Ab minor, Abm blues, and Ab dorian all sound pretty cool over it.
Thanks guys. It sounds like I'm in the right area at least. perhaps it's those 7ths athat are throwing me off.

And Ciano16, if you are into the blues check out Joe Bonamassa. That was a backing track from one of his songs and it is pretty nifty. He has a lot of good stuff though. One of my favorite guitarist these days.
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