So, I just bought a used Squier Affinity Bronco with the intention of modding it.
Now I'd like to know what the best mods are I could do to it?

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this
emg pickups are easy to install so it would be good for a first pickup swap
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That doesn't look like a bass with a lot of modification options, unless you are willing to spend a lot of money for new pickup routing and such. The bridge is also not something you'll find a lot of upgrades for. I think you're basically stuck with what it comes with. It is a love it or hate it bass:

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Hmm. The person I was buying it from might be backing out so I guess I could look for something more suitable

Thanks for the suggestions / opinions though
There are plenty of mods you can do with this bass!

Aero Musicmaster pickup to replace the strat pickup it has.

Badass Bridge, you just need a set square, a pencil and a drill.

New tuners. Bronco Basses are actually really good apart from these flimsy little ****ers.

New pots, simple as that.

I'd find this thread eventually.

LOVE teh brawncoh.

My upgrades: New pots, SD Hotrails Strat pickup (neck), new knobs, some paint on the pickguard edges.

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If you like fretless basses you could simply rip the frets out...

a defret job isn't that simple
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