Hey guys, I know that a drum machine is no substitute for jamming with an actual drummer but I am looking for a program that can create a simple or even more intricate beats I can improvise with. Thanks.

Also, I'm not sure this is the right thread but decided I would post it here since drummers are like the bassists best friend.
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You have a few options. Firstly, tablature editing software such as Guitar Pro, or Power Tab as a free alternative.

You could also consider some sort of sequencing software such as Fruity Loops.

Or perhaps a DAW with a good drum VST. You can get an unlimited trial of Reaper for free, and there are plenty of good drum VST's out there such as Native Instruments Battery, or you could find a free one. I'd recommend something like DigiDrum if you were to go down that route, as you can also load .wav samples into it, and find good quality free drum samples to load into it.
BeatCraft is nice, but it is very limited unless
you buy the $40 version.

If hammerhead is too simplistic, try hydrogen.
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Hydrogen is great. Even my drummer husband uses it to sort out drum fills he's working on.

Windows version can be found here

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Ezdrummer, Superiordrummer, Battery, native instruments abbey road, all that stuff should have drum loops and programming.
I'm not quite sure they all work as a stand alone program though.
Ok, thanks for the suggestions everyone, I'll check some of them out.
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