It's nice to hear something that isn't djent heavy metal, so you already get points for that.

The guitar work is tight and on tempo. Very nice. I think that the strings may be slightly out of tune and the tone could use some brightening up.

Your vocals are good and almost always on key, but it sounds a little too low-fi for me. An investment in some better recording equipment will work wonders for your voice.

This is a very easy listening song. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the crit!
Two seconds in and already loving the song. Great instrumental tones. Nice break from all the other music I usually review. Very smooth voice. Very well-sung vocals. Lyrically, this is really good. Lifts any kind of mood. Vocals are on-spot. Guitar lines are nicely played and the instruments are panned out well. Nothing puts me off. Amazing song.

Thank you very much for the crazy long critique.
I'll definitely take what you've said to mind.
guitar work is really tight and funky
bass and drums sound good as well
mix is good, but i feel like the bass could be a little louder. it might just be that my laptop speakers have no bass
i like your singers (or is it you?) voice. very good catchy hook for the chorus as well
when the backup vocals come in it's pretty awesome. they sound like they might be slightly offbeat from eachother though, or i might just be crazy

great song, good quality recording and mix too.
American Circus
Like the White Stripes, RHCP, or Cage the Elephant? Check out mah band!
I love the vocals, they kind of remind me of incubus at some points, and the recording itself is really tight and well mixed.

The drums really fit the song, as does the guitar and bass.

I really liked the part around 2:30.

overall this is a great track and I would love to see more from this project.
Was looking through Incubus tags in the search bar and for this gem. Really dig this song, the vocals, the guitar and the rhythm section. Definitely makes me want to learn how to play it now. Catchy chorus, singable verses and smooth and fun guitar. Definitely turn the bass up a little bit louder but aside from that, the song is perfect.
talk to me
and i better not hear a word
do me baby
i better not feel it girl
i still got one bullet left in my nine
finna do a love crime
love crime
finna do a love crime

lovecrimes -- frank ocean