Hi there! We actually have 3 recordings that we'd like to get some feedback on!

I actually did all of the tracking and mixing in my basement. We'd like to know what you think of the final mixes, the actual songs, structure etc.. any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your time.

Better Left Unsaid -
Just One Night -
What You Can't Have -
Can all be heard on our reverbnation page!

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pretty good for some classic rock, jet, kinda stuff. I like the raw feel. I'd bet you'd be fun to see live. The singers good but I think he shouldnt try to be so "clean" all the time. Rock That sh@t out!!! I like the vocals 'cause they kinda remind me of jim morrison. Keep it up and post me about your doings if you please!!! Rock it I like It
Nic ebasement recording by the way I like the mix especially what you cant have. I dont know about my last comments after hearing "what you cant have", singer dude, dont lisaten to me develop what you started its good!
Critting Better Left Unsaid.

Good quality for basement recording. Well mixed, the instruments all sit well together, and the vocals are the right volume, don't clip, and are subtly reverb-ed. This sounds almost professional.

The singer has a very good voice. Clear intonation and great pitch. It's refreshing when most songs on here are inaudibly mumbled into a usb mic.

The guitar tone is good as well, but the mix suddenly sounds thin when the guitar starts playing just the octave diads. Second guitar perhaps? Or maybe add some light saturation to the bass to fill up that empty space. Also, the guitar sounds slightly out of tune here.

Guitar solo killed it. Nothing flashy. Get in, play something tasty, get out. Classy rock and roll at its finest.

The drumming is what makes this sound the most professional. He/she keeps tempo very well, and the kit itself sounds well tuned/mic'd. Out of curiosity, what's the mic setup you're using? Also, was this recorded live or overdubbed?

All in all, solid tune and tight recording. I'm impressed. Simple garage/stoner rock has been my thing lately. Reminds me of Kyuss or Priestess. Get yourself into a pro studio and some rad music will surely come floating out.

Crit my newest?
@pushingthrough - Really appreciate it man! I was nervous posting our music because I am the singer/ guitarist and I did all most of the mixing myself so the pressure was on. It feels really good to get some positive feedback! Do you have anything you want critiqued?

@onebetter - Really appreciate the detailed feedback, when I get a chance I will try out some of your suggestions. I noticed that those octaves were thin but didn't know what to do to thicken it up. Also mentioning Kyuss or Priestess couldn't have a better compliment! We all appreciate it greatly I will check your stuff out right now!