Lately i've been quite sick of retuning my Affinity Strat over and over again. SO I've decided to open a bank account and I will be making deposits very soon (40 for yard work and atleast 200 plus for selling my drums). However, I really don't know what kind of guitar I want, because I don't know much about them.

I play a lot of indie rock type stuff, like Juliana Hatfield, Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, Sub Pop bands, etc. Most of them seem to use Gibsons or Fenders. I've played a few Gibsons at my GC, but I'm used to the Strat neck and Ithink Gibson necks are too fat.

So how can I find out more of what guitar to get? Teles have that twang sound, but I'm damn clueless to how to research them or how to choose. And please no "just try and find your sound, because I have no clue what to try and GC has very few Fenders besides Strats and Teles (in fact, besides those fenders, I've only seen them carry a used Mustang.)

Thanks a lot, and I know a lot of this knowledge comes from playing the instrument, but is there anything I can do on a keyboard and a mouse?

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Well look up the bands and find out exactly which guitars they used. As you said they all seem to use Gibson or Fender guitar, so find out if there are any in particular they all have in common.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with a good Fender Stratocaster, and if you're used to them I say save up some money and get a good one of those. Or you could also look into companies like ESP or Dean.
Nothing wrong with a Fender Made in Mexico strat. Even the squire you have isn't that bad, you just need new pickups and some locking tuners.
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when you haven't experienced enough different guitars to know how they might sound feel and play just form looking at the spec sheet, go out and play more so you can. when you don't know what you want, appearance and feel usually dominate the game. do you like the way your guitar plays and feels? how about the pickup configuration? do you like having a trem? find out exactly what you do and don't like about your guitar, and what you wish it could do that it cant; that's how you'll find out what you want
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the thing with strats is they all sound amazing, you just have to find the right sound for it. go buy some locking tuners, you can get a set of six grover mini locking rotomatics for a strat for around $55 from stewmac
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Go to a store. Find the guitar the feels best. Buy it.

Technique will be the biggest variable in your tone. I can make my Esquire sound just as thick as I need.