So I've been playing bass for almost 2 years but I'm not making any progress because I cannot find a comfortable strap height. I looked at videos of my favorite bassists (Chris from Anti-Flag, Steve Harris, David Ellefson and many more) and I tried setting my strap to the same height, while it feels a lot better on my picking hand I just can't play anything somewhat challenging with my fretting hand.

I tried setting my strap higher but my picking hand just feels weird. So basically when my strap is lower my picking hand is comfortable but my fretting hand isn't and the other way around when my strap is higher.

I mostly play punk, thrash and metalcore basslines and I mostly use a pick.

Could you guys tell me how high or low you set your strap and what kind of songs you play.

This is probably a stupid thread but I was just hoping to get some help with this because it really bothers me. Sometimes I just want to put my bass down and give up on playing but I always go back to it after a few hours and try find someway to be comfortable.

Thanks for reading my bitching
i keep mine as low as it gets but i dont use a pick very often i never hade that problem till i reach the 16th fret try agaling your neck up wards i guess but i it mite not work dont know....
Realistically the strap should keep the bass as high on your chest as when you are sitting down, so when you stand up from sitting the bass doesn't drop. You may look less awesome but your playing will be much improved. However, this is from my knowledge playing fingerstlye.

I'm not sure how using a pick will differ, but from my experience and from what I've often heard, that's how it should be.
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Sadly, there isn't really a good answer you're going to get from this forum, since strap height is completely personal preference.

You're just going to have to keep trying different strap lengths, and try to find something comfortable. This may take a few days, or weeks. Try one strap length for a few days and try to get used to it, if its still uncomfortable, try another strap length.

In my current band, I play mostly punk rock/pop-punk kind of stuff. Chris #2 is one of my favorite bass players as well. I also play on a jazz bass as well. There I usually put the bass at around waist level, maybe a bit lower. My left hand doesnt feel strained, and I can hit all the notes I need to.

When I'm playing jazz, I almost always move it up, usually so I'm playing with the strap as if I'm sitting down.
Make sure you have your bass at the correct angle as well. Have it about a 30-40 degree angle pointing upwards. If it's too high or too low it will make your fretting hand uncomfortable.

Also, I know you've been playing for 2 years, but make sure your wrists are as relaxed as possible too. Of course, the transition from sitting down practicing to standing up performing can be awkward at first. I know it was for me.
Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I'll try what you all suggested and see what is better for me.