I just bought a Laney AOR Pro tube 50w. I plan on buying a Bugera 120w cabinet.

Bugera Information

With 140 Watts of explosive power handling, this vintage cabinet is the perfect complement to Bugera amps
Original 2 x 12'' BUGERA Vintage Guitar Series speakers
Versatile 4/16-Ohm mono or 2 x 70-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo configuration
Stylish and comfortable carrying handle for easy single-handed transportation
Extremely low-resonance and low-vibration cabinet
Reinforced corners and protective vinyl covering
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

I'm not sure what the ohm's are on the laney.
I just want to know If I can just plug em' in and play. Can I?
looks like you can choose impedance output on the laney, looks like you can choose 4, 8 or 16.

you're fine

you'll need to turn the switch on the back to 16 ohm on the laney and make sure the bugera is operating at 16 ohms
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