I am selling two bass guitars for my friend. He needs to get rid of these asap to fund a car purchase.

Here is bass #1:

Fender / Fernanades "Fen-nandes" 4 string bass guitar
Fender Jazz / Fernanades hybrid bass guitar,

For sale here is a Unique - "one-of-a-kind", custom-made "Fen-nandes", assembled utilizing a Fender body, nice maple on maple Fernianades neck, and assorted Fender and quality aftermarket (Wilinson) parts and Hardware in a gold finish. The head-stock has custom decals for "Fen-nandes Jazz Bass and a logo reading "Bitchin' Basses" - my personally built brand. I build my basses from quality - well-known bodies, necks, and parts, re-imagined and combined into uniques models. The pick-ups here are Seymor Duncan-designed Jazz pickups. I have also added a Navapai Indian figure inlay sticker on the body just below the control panel. This bass is loud and deep the neck is straight - the action is low and fast. There is no case - but the bass will be well packed/padded for shipment. $500.00, plus shipping


Here is #2:

Warwick "Corvette" 4 string Fretless bass guitar

Corvette Standard - natural oiled finish,
For sale here is an all Warwick "Corvette" Fretless 4-string bass guitar, This bass is in excellent condition - no scratches or dings or any kind and completely-perfectly operational features a Bubinga body, A bolt-on Ovangtkol neck and an ebony fingerboard.. The bas is about 10 years old and virtually spotless - no scratches, dings, chips, or visible wear. The pick-ups here are passive MEC "Dynamic Correction" J/J pickups. Chrome hardware and a natural oil finish. Blank ebony fingerboard - no Fret lines. Made in Germany. Purchase includes a very sturdy durable Warwick "Rock-bass" soft case/gig bag, also in excellent condition.. Any questions, please Ask. $600.00, plus shipping.