Alright... haha, any suggestions for a different guitar? There is some good Epiphone SGs for around 130 pounds.
Not really, but i dont have a lot of money to spend, instead of pointing out the price for the second time can you suggest a different guitar?
oh dude. you need to save up a little more than 130 pounds for anything decent. at very least 300 pounds. all you will get for that price is disappointment and tears.... or a hofner shorty.
Okay, what about used guitars? I bet there is some decent ones within my budget :P
Quote by Maynn
Okay, what about used guitars? I bet there is some decent ones within my budget :P

if you are lucky (i mean really lucky) you might be able to find a cheap used ibanez rg for about 200 pounds. but i doubt that. have a look at this, thats in your price range:


i actually tested one out like 2 weeks ago and honestly for the price, its probably the best feel and sound you can get. once you get over the fact that its half a guitar.
things you should say in threads like this:

-your budget
-what genre you play
-specifications you're looking for
-current gear

..stuff like that, so users could help you better.
haha That half guitar looks great, but i dont think i want a half guitar.
My budget, I could get around 230 pounds.
Genre: Metal, punk, classick rock - I like playing anything really.
Specifications - no idea to be honest.
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Electric-Guitar-15W-Amp-Tuner-Case-Stand-Pack-/290456089791?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item43a08834bf My current gear.

I have found this guitar:
Do you think its any good?
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Gould make pretty good budget guitars - I have their Les Paul as one of mine, and it's as good as any Epiphone I've played. Here's the Chappers Review to prove how good it is for the price:

You will notice that most of the people who use this site have an unreasonable hatred of any cheap guitar. They are only right half the time.
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Check out the Squier series. I have the affinity strat and it's a great first guitar.
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I get the impression you are just blindly searching to buy a guitar for the sake of it, all the links you have posted are very different types of guitar. You really should go to a music store and try a few different types of guitar out to find what style you like. Also, as mentioned by others in this thread, you would be better to save up a bit more before buying, as your budget is going to severely limit your choices.
In addition, I would avoid B-Stock guitars in general, as B-Stock items are items with faults - that Chappers guitar you linked has quite a bit of damage done to it going off the description.
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If you want something versatile... could give a PRS SE a go. But yeah, seriously, try a few and start with finding out what your favourite bands use for their tones and the nuances the guitars provide.

What do you have now?
In the UK look at Vintage guitars
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Quote by kutless999
Check out the Squier series. I have the affinity strat and it's a great first guitar.

+1 for this

Get a higher end squire. I have one I bought years ago for $225. I needed something that I didn't care too much about while oversees. I put in an EMG 81 and a Dimarzio HS3. It feels and sounds awesome.
I play this more than my $1000 Jackson now a days. Don't get the kits, they are the cheapest version squires. There are humbucker versions that are fine for what you're looking for.