After running through a 6505+ Combo amp and a Crate GT212 Combo I finnaly settled on a Peavey XXL Head. I saw it new in a music store for 400$ and picked it up yesterday and havent had too much time to mess with it but after playing it through some random crate cab at the hole in the wall music shop I got it in, I liked what i herd and for 400$ I couldn't pass it up. On the way back I picked up a old Peavey Shetfield Cab in good condition to run it through. I checked its speakers and everything seemed to be in working order. After plugging it in and setting everything up I get this buzzing noise outa it and my tones pretty mushy. I have no idea if its just because I haven't played with my settings enough to dial it all in but it just alarmed me when I herd the buzz. I was wondering if the mushiness in my tone and the buzzing could be coming from a Pawnshop Cab or just something I can dial it out? Guitar Center has a Peavey Windsor Cab in perfect condition for like 30 bucks less I just have to wait tell the 20th for it to be released. Would the Windsor suit me better I play mainly thrash metal
The Windsor would probably be worse. Granted, I don't know what speakers are in it, but I don't think they would be very good.

Are you sure the Sheffield has the correct resistance (ohms) and wattage to what your amp requires?
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The xxl has the option of 4 8 and 16 ohms. Im still not sure how many ohms the cab is but I have the ohms at 4 to be safe
According to this website that has a Sheffield cab for sale, it is 16ohms mono and 8ohms per side stereo. So having your amp at 4ohms may be the reason you're getting a buzzing noise. If that isn't the case, their are multiple other things that could be causing your buzzing noise.
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