hey guys, so recently my frets started really making some buzz here and there. ive been playing this guitar intensively for 5 years already. the frets are worn off of course. not critical but they are worn. the only guitar luthier in my country who can do leveling/crowning or refretting asked 100 bux for leveling/crowning and 200 bux for refretting.
that's overall a fine price I guess but I dont have that much money to be honest. I mean i do but that's some big prices for my country.

So what are my options:
A. get the neck leveled at the luthier dude paying 100 bux (but in awhile i'll need a refret right?)
B. get the neck refretted at the luthier paying 200 bux
C. get some tools and do the leveling myself (i do scalloping and all that sort of stuff it's not gonna be a new and a hard thing for me i think, the only thing is i dont know how i'm gonna do the fret crowning: may be get a fret dresser from stewmac?)
D. get a new neck which will be exactly like mine's

help me uys and the more info you include the more help it represents to me

just sad that it's giving up on my right at these hard times im going thru
I'd always be concerned about trying to do something like that myself - if you aren't 100% sure about what you're doing, you may do more harm than good.

You don't say what sort of guitar it is - I presume it's a pretty expensive one if you're thinking of spending that much on it? If not, you could be better off just buying a new guitar.
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it's not super expensive but well basically it's a fender body with a squier neck. i got some money saved that way actually. it's got awesome dimarzio pickups and tuners bridge and everything are also good. the neck is also super awesome that's why im somewhat reluctant about replacing it. Im afraid i wont get exactly what i want. I've spent a lot of money on this guitar and it is that ONE guitar that is just so exactly for you. i cant really explain it but I wouldnt even look at other guitars with this in my hands. plus buying a new guitar is gonna cost waaay more since you can't get anything here and gotta buy from america which brings up transportation which is very expensive

I'm thinking i'd be better off getting my frets replaced with new ones but i dont really have that much money. may be i can save a bit for that but now im thinking if i can get at least that one main fret that's causing the headache fixed somewhow and go with that for awhile till i get some more money may be. the thing is that i have the 6th fret as i presume on the A string touching the string when i fret the 5th fret. it causes some weird reverb-like harmonics. it's not there on 6th, not there on 7th, not there on 4th. i can use the project guitar's trick of finding the fret that touches the string. but what should i do when i find the fret? are there any options?
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