I never thought I'd say it but I'm really starting to like the blues especially acoustic playing. However when I YouTube acoustic blues. Almost everyone is a fingerpicker. Is this cause playing the blues with a pick does not sound as good? And if I were to play the blues with a pick what is done different than a fingerpicker?

If you're looking at solo blues players it's probably because it's easier to hit multiple notes and fill out the sound without just strumming or having to mute a whole lot of stuff at the same time.

I would suggest you look in to hybrid picking and see what you can do with that if you want to stick with using a pick.
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Alot of acoustic blues guitarist don't use picks because of the poly rhythms they use. Most Acoustic blues is unaccompanied by an other instruments, so guitarist will compensate by playing bass lines with the their thumb or just playing rhythm while playing lead. Not using a pick makes it alot easier but you can do what Zaphod said and just learn Hybrid Picking.
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Blues are blues.
You play it how you feel it, pick or no pick. It doesn't
matter, what matters is achieving what you're trying to achieve from it...
nvm that might be kind of confusing just do whatever the hell you want to
do its music, play blues with your feet if you want idc.