Please help me decide, UG!
here's the situation.

- Want to upgrade from my 1st guitar, a Squier

- Around 500 EURO to spend

- I play anything from Ministry to Jane's Addiction to Alice in Chains, Mad Season, RHCP, Tool, RATM, etc etc and i guess anyone who played lolla 92

- I'm basically looking for a nice sound on all fronts

- Trem. be good

Basically i've been looking at the Ibanez RG series and that's where i'm focusing my search ATM, but if you have any suggestions or pointers of any kind, pleeeease do share!
There are so many guitars out there and that's why i need the pit's expertise
Look into a jackson RR model. I've read the trems on them are pretty good and it's got Duncan Designed pickups.
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i have played http://www.espguitars.com/guitars/ltd-standard-deluxe/mh-350nt.html for a year or so. i really liked the handling of the guitar. it has a very tiny neck it is god to handle. didn't like the sound that much that's why i sold it. but the guitar itself was great for the price. i now play http://www.espguitars.com/guitars/ltd-standard-deluxe/ec-401vf.html. i've played gibson les pauls too which were way more expensive. i've tried other les pauls in the price range. the ec beats them all imo. really nice and warm tone with a load of sustain on the neck pu. the bridge pu kicks so much ass. crunchy nut all the way. never would give it away. i almost get a tool kinda sound with it. the bridge pu is the same the dude from tool uses. you also can get a rhcp or ratm sound with it if you want. very versatile. i never would give this guitar away. it rules.