Greetings!! I'm looking to kick off this project with some talented people which is needed to help form an online band. The band name is picked out already and so is the domain name for it.

I have the equipment in my studio to do a complete mix down of the tracks and produce the bands first cd release. Thats right! looking to release a CD.

16 songs have been written and now it's time to record them so here are what musicians that are needed.

Bassist, Drummer, Lead Guitarist and Rhythm Guitarist.

I'm a vocalist, Keyboardist and Guitarist.

Style of music? Hard/metal influenced from 80's bands but with a presence of now! Screw lady gaga and that other crap out there it's time to bring rock and roll back to the mainstream!

Looking for players who like bands such as, Dokken, Queensryche, Motely Crue, Skid Row and other 80's bands. Favorite musicians of mine are George Lynch, Phil Collin, Eddie Van Halen and many others.

The band will have it's own website for each member to ftp (upload and download) tracks so that we can collaborate.

I had two people contact me before but I lost their email address's so if you see this again please contact me.
my email is miketait99 at yahoo dot com

Contact me if you want to rock and release original material!
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I might be interested. I play bass and guitar. Can you show me some music you have written for this project?
Hey. I'd like to hear some of the already written stuff, to know what it is like, but I could be interested in this.