I recently bought a zoom G1XN and its a great pedal its sounds good but I'm thinking it could sound better i have the pedal plugged into my peavey vypyr which is pretty much purely digital so my question is does the digital processing on the amp hinder the digital fx on my pedal? Because it doesn't have a clean setting, well its does but all the clean settings are patches for strat and brit cleans.
And i was thinking of getting a roland cube since it actually does have a clean setting. Any help?
I have a similar problem with my Boss ME-25 and my Line 6 Spider Jam, like the Vypyr, the Spider Jam is purely digital, and when I use my pedal, from what my friend has told me, the digital processes of both the amp and pedal are clashing with each other, resulting in a poor, low quality tone coming from the pedal. If I were you, i would buy another amp, solely for use with the fx pedal
i have a boss gt-10... and i have the same problem too. i think an effects loop amp would be better; but searching for these amps is a pain in the ass.
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You need an amp with the effect loop. Plug your MFX into the return port of the effect loop. The return port goes to the power amp of the amp thus bypassing the preamp and the FXs.

Your MFX is a preamp itself so you adjust the volume and the FXs from your pedal.
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That's what I've been doing lately and as i said before it sounds good but you can still kinda hear that overprocessed mud sound. No matter how much i adjust eq on amp and the pedal. Would it be better to grab a Roland Cube as suggested earlier. Somethin with fx loop sounds like it'd be outta my price range.
You could get an amp without any FXs on board. Then you can use the frontend.
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any cheap modeler I have used don't work well with outbard FX's.
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Pretty much true but when I had a Fender GDec Jr I had a jazz guitar setting and the FXs are turned off. Worked pretty good that way since it's clean.

So maybe some modelers can get around to it.
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You could use an aux cable to plug the g1 into your amps aux input and it will bypass the amp and go direct to the speaker. I've tried it before on my cube and it sounds better that way.
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