Well, I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now and I'm finally getting into bass. I've been checking out some different amps and I really like the sound of an ampeg ba300. Found one for $600 too. But while I've been doing a little bit of research on them, I hear everything from being amazing to them falling apart and rattling and stuff. Really makes me reconsider it. I've been hearing a lot off good things about carvin and ashdown though so I'm going to try to check them out soon. Does anyone have any opinions/experience with the ampeg or any recommendations for me?
Personally I only like Ampegs in situations where you have to crank them open all the way.
But when you get to do that they are amazing

Ashdowns are really straight forward and easy to use but they have solid clean sounds.
You should also look into Hartke amps. Brilliant things.
Hey, thanks for the quick reply. My mesa heartbreaker works like how you were just describing the ashdowns. Really easy to work with and makes great cleans. It doesn't handle high gain very well but effects work great on it. Can ashdowns handle gain without getting really muddy? And hartke isn't a name I recognize so I'll definitely be checking into them
Ashdown doesn't get muddy fast. Much depends on what bass you use and the speaker with it.
I wouldn't recommend a 15" speaker by Ashdown. Their 10" and 12" sound a whole lot better in my opinion
I wouldnt bother with cheaper ampegs. Too quiet.

Maybe best to get a nice small 1x12 combo like one from hartke. Just till you know what you want.
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im liking the ashdown mag evo 2 right now. the evo 3 sounds great too but its a little more then i feel like spending on a new amp... and that b100r is pretty nice too. cant find a whole lot of videos/sound clips for it though

edit: and yeah, i was thinking about getting something small to hold me over for a bit while i think about where im going with all this but i got a friend who might let me borrow their amp. just kinda checking out everything right now since bass amps are pretty new to me
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There quiet and not a great representation of the classics.

The ashdowns are pretty good, if a bit coloured and i wouldnt get one with a 15" speaker as it gets a bit muddy or woolly as some people describe it.
Yamaha TRB1006
Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
Epiphone les paul
Back to looking at the ashdown evo 2 mags and I was thinking if the 2x10 wasn't enough for me, I could always get an extra cab to push it to whatever volume I'd need, right? And then I came across their 4x10 which is about the same price. Do you all think something like that could end up being too much for home use also?
Speaking of Ashdowns not sounding muddy, how do they handle low tunings?
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On my Ashdown I usually play standard or 1 step down but 2 steps down still sounds killer.