I believe the choice of amps are fenders but not sure what else they use...what type of fuzz have they got going etc? I also know theres a lot of wah used.

It seems that the fuzz is a MAIN attribute in their tone. I was thinking of getting the Way Huge Swollen pickle.

I have an Orange Rocker 30 but want to achieve a sound similar to this...





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Ever tried the pickle?

Its a total bitch to tweak. I like it and all, but id rather a pedal that didnt go from lo-fi-y smooth to farting raspyness by nudging a knob slightly.

Youve really gotta spend some time getting to know it.
Never tried it myself...but the clips of it looks awesome. It sounds huge! Way huge!

Sounds a bit gay now. But would it achieve that sound I was after? And I've heard the rocker doesn't like fuzz...
I have heard good things about way huge products. use a fuzz on the clean ch and you should be OK.
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Ive never tried the rocker with pedals before.

You might wanna try it on the dirty channel with the gain low, the natural channel might sound a bit too clangy.

Really, the pickle will cover most fuzz tones, but like i said you've gotta give it a chance. Initially you will take it out of the box and think it sound like a MT2 and DS1 running into each other. I did, then you open it up play with the trim pots (You can blend between LED and Diode clipping, the LEDs sound fatter a bit more open, but i like to try find a good balanced of both.) and it will smoothen and open up. And then you forget how you got it to sound that good and never be able to get that tone again.
Off topic: Thanks for showing me this band haha.

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Cheers Becky I've wanted one for ages but haven't got round to buying one. I'd buy one next month, but need a new ipod and to pay my latest amp purchase off...actually thinking of it...its my birthday so I'll ask my girlfriend :P haha...They look great.

and 'trivium036'...I was amazed when I found this band!