Im building a new rig because im making the jump from ss amps to tubes. This will be the non changeable factors. Gibson sg special (will be putting bareknuckle pain killers in it soon) boss ns-2, crate blue voodoo 120 watt head, either a blue voodoo 412 cab loaded with the specially designed emenience speakers (Similar to the private jack, pre v30 and crate designed speakers) or a b52 ls412 as lant cab.

I play in a heavy hardcore band in the veign of trapped under ice, bury your dead, etown concrete, a touch of the acacia strain and some others. My band mates refer to us as wigger mosh lol. We play in drop c.

An overdrive is a must to get a saturated distortion, wah and maybe volume, maybe a phaser.
Is there anything else i should consider? What should my signal chain be? Which cab should i use? Effects loop or through the imput jack? I understand that its all subjective to taste but im just looking for a starting point so i dont waste time buying, trying, and selling.
Don't go with the B-52 cab unless it has the V-30's in it. Other than that it seems like you have your rig figured out for a year or 2.

What are you spending on the amp/cab?

Time based FX's (delay/trem/chours) are generaly better in the FX loop, while Distortions/phaser are generaly better in front of the amp.
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A delay or a chorus.

No tuner?
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The head im getting for 200 with fresh tubes. i already have both cabs from my solid state fullstack. I dont need a tuner really cause i got lucky with perfect pitch all though ill probibly get one in the event i get knocked out of tune. I have looked at a chorus pedel but since it is a time and detune device that would be better for effects loop right?