I've got a bit of spare cash at the moment and feel like treating myself.

Just wondered if anyone of here has played one of the Epiphone Royale series? From the pictures they look very nice (to me anyway!) I read someone on another site saying that the gold is glittery though, is that true? It doesn't look it from the pictures.

Anyway the one that stands out most to me is the Riviera as it's semi hollow and looks to have the most features. I'm not really looking to buy a guitar for a particular sound as I have a Tele that covers everything. But I do want it to be able to sound good with a bit of distortion/fuzz so what are it's pickups like for that sort of stuff?

I think it looks great with the Bigsby Tremolo but it's not something i'll really use so I was wondering how much having one of them on a guitar effects the tone? (if at all)
p-90 and fuzz is always a winner, the bigsby will have little impact although some highends will be gain. the bigsby its a great tremolo to use, particulary in semi-hollows
One thing to add is that the binding has gold sparkle incorporated in it, also its worth mentioning that heavy usage of a bigsby can pull your guitar out of tune so a set of locking tuners can help that problem (tends to happen with cheaper machineheads, not so much with the stock grovers on an epi)

And as mentioned semi hollow and fuzz work very well, also Pepper Keenan from Down uses a Semi Hollow for metal and it certainly works for him!!
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I didn't play the Royale, but I played the old version of the Riviera Custom (the red one) and I liked it. The pickups enjoy distortion and fuzz quite a bit. It also plays very, very well; the neck profile is comfortable and the fretboard is smooth. That Bigsby may need a bit of set-up help, though.
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