hey guys, as the thread says, i basically have all the cersatility with my guitars that i need. my explorer for the metals, ibanez for shred and classic metal. strat for whatever. and the lp for blues and classic rock.

i have been eyeing up hollowbodies for a while but dont know where to start. i love the look of gretches but havent got to play one. i dont like the 335 style.

and i will have around £500 to spend, give or take a hundered. !
Prs do a hollowbody se model which is nice but not the style of body you seem to like
i really like the semi hollow (thinline) telecasters these days

also the gretches are nice, but to me have their own sound, worth playing a few
Ibanez do some hollowbodies that are more 'Jazz box' shaped. Maybe worth a look
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Ibanez do some hollowbodies that are more 'Jazz box' shaped. Maybe worth a look


I played the AG95 and it played nicely. Very mellow and smooth. I'm actually going to buy it once I can scrape enough money together.

Edit: It ran for 550 American dollars at my local guitar shop, and 580 $ new online. I don't know if they charge less Euros or the same for more of a profit.
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Not sure on the money conversion from us dollars but i have a Washburn WI67pro semi hollow they are sometimes hard to find because they got discontinued but its got VCC ( Voice Contour Control) and seymour duncan pups the VCC allows you to change the sound from a humbucker sound to a single coil without coil taps it has great sound and has a pretty fast neck for a semi hollow its my only electric guitar right now as i had to make a decision between my Epiphone Les Paul custom or selling my Washburn and when it came down to it the epi is a dime a dozen and can always be replaced with another one ( dont get me wrong i miss my LP but i couldnt part with this washburn) great axe for a great price


heres a short review for the guitar good luck on your search!
you might not like 335s but

used gretsch g5120

in orange.


Ive played a few gretschs, even the lower end ones where like butter to play. You wont be dissapointed.