why is this song so popular on this site? is it just because its so easy that all beginners just flock to it? I'm not bashing plain white t's im just trying to understand the interest in this song. I've tried listening to it a couple times to see if maybe i had missed something that 31,000+ people on this site see but i still don't get it. just feels unfinished maybe even rushed like the producer came in two days before the record finished and was like hey, put one more song on there you have 5 minutes to write it. kind of just feels like a filler to me.
When did popularity ever correlate with something's quality? It's all subjective, just listen to what you like and what you want. Don't beat yourself up questioning this, it's honestly not worth the effort.
yea, this happens a lot. What you have to realize is its not necessarily popular with the users and pitgoers, its 13 yr old boys and girls with their pink daisy guitars who go gaga for run of the mill pop-trash that come here for tabs then vote those garbagey songs to the top.
Just looked that song and tab up (hadn't ever heard of it) and to be honest, it really isn't that shitty. Sure, it's very easy to play, but the chord changes are beyond the usual I-V-vi-IV progression or anything that sticks to a key. Even reminded me of Radiohead a bit.

The number of hits noted, in the top 100, isn't the overall number. It works like this:
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1. Top 100 Tabs sorted by hits. All the tabs listed on this page are sorted by the number of clicks each tab has recieved for the past 24 hours.
You can see the classic guitar songs like Stairway, Sweet Child of Mine, Hotel California et cetera are still popular, even today. In fact, considering the way the list works and the age of those songs, it's suprising these songs are in the list at all.