Hey there,

Yesterday I was given a bass guitar by my very kind neighbour free-of-charge; he doesn't play it any more and thought it would be better that it got some use! It's a beautiful instrument, and he bought it when he was about 20 or so; according to him it's about 40 years old! It was made in Japan, but that's all I know so far.

I was wondering whether any of your guys could help me identify the brand and/or model of this guitar; I've not had any luck and my neighbour isn't sure himself. It'd be greatly appreciated!


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Damn, that's beautiful! How is it to play?

It looks like an SG shape? I have no idea on the brand, though.
@Oyface - It's almost like a standard electric guitar in how it feels to play; the short-scale of it makes playability a dream And even though it's really quite old it's still got a nasty, rock 'n' roll bite to it.

@Deliriumbassist - Ah that's very much! In retrospect, that was quite obvious...

Thanks guys.
I'm going to create the procrastination club, just later...
it's a Kay SG Bass, mid 60's model. I don't know the actual model number, that stuff is all lost with the years.

They're nice when set up properly but they came out of the factory so shit you'll hardly ever find one done properly.

That one you've got is in near mint condition though, which is just about unheard of when you're dealing with vintage department store basses. You've got a hell of a find there, take care of it.
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