Hi everybody , I have been looking for a second guitar. I play mostly metal and sometimes rock. Yesterday I saw two ads on a ebay like website in my country and it had those two guitars for about 280 dollars.
The Ibanez RG350MYE has 1 year, setup done. I dont know about pickups but I guess they are stock, though I can ask before buying.
The Jackson DKMG has EMG´s Hz and Push-pull Input Boost (EMG also), licenced Floyd Rose and also 1 year. Besides that it brings a Hard Case.
So what do you guys think? Also If you think that any/both of these guitars suck feel free to say it.
My current guitar is an Epiphone Special II btw,
Thanks (sorry for the english)
For me, I'd get the DKMG. I love Jackson necks and the HZ pickups are better quality than the IBZ pickups that come in the Ibanez. A hard case is definitely a plus when it comes to stuff like it being shipped to you and you moving it around. As for the Floyd, I'm not too keen on them (I'm a vintage tremelo guy), but my friend says that his Edge trem is decent, but could be much better.

It all comes down to what you like better. If possible, go to a guitar shop and if they don't have any exact models, try some comparable models. The RG350 is quite common in all of it's varieties. The Jackson might be a little harder to find a comparable model.

I hope I helped!
Thanks for the reply
I will try to try (sounds kind of silly) the guitars at the local guitar shop (there is only one, so it might be tough). Anyway, here is a photo of the DKMG (the seller is near my house so I will receive it in hand), what do you guys think about it?

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Looks cool, that's a plus. I had a Jackson DXMG for a long time which is pretty similar and it was a great guitar. However I didn't like the EMG Hzs at all, I eventually swapped them out for a DiMarzio D-Sonic/Air Norton combo and from there it was a fantastic guitar. Also for a licensed floyd it was one of the best I've used. Stayed in tune perfectly even with dramatic dives and so on.

The RG350s are also pretty cool, although I've never owned one. If it's got the Edge III tremolo then you may want to re-think it. They're notorious for having problems (that said the 3 I've had have all been fine, but nowhere near as good as an actual Floyd or an Edge Pro imo). I don't know about the stock pickups but as a general rule of thumb Ibanez pickups are usually pretty bad.

As much as I tend to be another generic Ibanez fanboy, I would go with the Jackson in this case.
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