I like it, you had me kinda concerned when I read the title, but its awesome. Your guitar is pretty well flawless. Nice job on the drums, you changed them up enough that they fit in really well. Your song had really good progressions. Your soloing is also very good! You have a very nice piece here

would you take a look at my song?
Interesting sound! It's like a mixture of pop, 60's rock and 90's rock lol.

Your vocals are pretty weak. It's got a good tone, but it's breathy and slightly nasal. Do some research on proper breath control for singing.

The song is catchy, but pretty standard as far as rock numbers go. You guitar could use a little more overdrive. No real problems with timing or anything technical.

I can't really say much about the mixing/mastering since I'm a noob at that stuff.

Hope this helps