I've been trying to figure out how to properly scream for the past year or so. Personally, I think I have lower screams/growls down pretty good. I modeled my lower growls after Tommy from BTBAM. I just lower my the pitch of my voice and let the air come out. Higher screams I have no idea how to do. This is what I came up with so far. It doesn't hurt my voice but it does decrease the amount of singing I can do with higher notes and singing in general. If you have any guidance or tips on how to get better please let me know! thanks!

Take singing lessons, then apply what you learned, but with a little grrrrrahhhhhh.
Even better, ask your vocal coach for tips. Your low vocals sound good but it's hard to tell with the backup growl from the original track, the high ones are torturous though brah. I hope you've taken into account that you have your own vocal range and that you shouldn't try to sound like anybody else. Trying to sound like other vocalists is more than likely gonna end up hurting your voice and that's just not delivering vocals from the heart - how they should be delivered.
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It won't damage your diaphragm silly. It will however destroy your voice. Please at least know a little of what you are talking about before giving advice to someone.

The highs that you are modeling are absolutely terrible. That guy is going to ruin his voice and they will need a new singer eventually. This I promise.

If you are decreasing your range you are doing damage. Your vocal cords are becoming inflamed (aka swollen) because you are slamming them together too fast. Your body is telling you to stop (that's what inflammation is designed to do). Eventually, if you ignore your bodies signals it will respond by creating nodes on your vocal cords and then your done. Unless you like throat surgery.

Look up whudspath on youtube. He has long tutorial that is actually good.