I'm not talking about putting the levels of it to the max to where you sound like T-Pain, I'm talking about very small amounts of pitch correction. I was at my friend's the other day and we were recording my vocals. When he put pitch correction on he used pretty subtle levels of it. I then told him to turn pitch correction off and on.

When it was turned off my voice sounded real, natural, and good.

When it was turned on it didn't make very much of a difference since I was already very in key but it seemed to add this unrealistic tone (it was really dry and dead sounding) and randomly corrected stuff that should be left alone cause it sounded fine.

Anyone ever had this same problem? Or is my friend just bad with pitch correction?

I am no recording engineer, but I highly dislike the sound of even subtle amounts of pitch correction. With good gear you can really refine that dry and fake sound to round it out, but I would just stay away from pitch correction. Anything that auto-fixes anything creates lazy musicians in my opinion.
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Pretty much every band I know of uses a certain amount of pitch correction. A very subtle amount though
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Quote by DamagingExcess
Pretty much every band I know of uses a certain amount of pitch correction. A very subtle amount though

It depends on what you're using. Autotune and Melodyne are the best and most natural sounding. I think Waves has one that's ok. With those, if you do it right you wont notice it. If you are noticing it on very small adjustments, you're setting it wrong. When you get in to the cheaper ones, they do more harm than good in my opinion.
Unless you're using the graphic mode of Autotune or Meldoyne then it will sound unnatural, there will always be false triggers and so on when using the automatic settings. Tuning vocals is like everything else, you only get good results by putting in the time.
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