This summer I saw Iron Maiden and to end the show, the drummer threw maby 3 drum heads into the crowd.

Why the hell would they throw them?
...Are they expensive?

I'm pretty pissed actually cause I waited for 10 hours before the gates opened to get into the front row, then there was this douche who leaned on me + pushed REALLY hard to reach past me when one of them was thrown, it landed right in front of me on the other side of the fence and when a guy there took it up to give probably to me, the douche pushed and grabbed it. What a selfish douche...
Cool story bro.
Gear is often thrown into the crowd at gigs. Kinda odd for drum heads to be thrown, but oh well.

I just about caught Mike Portnoy's drumstick, but the guy in front of me caught it.
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pffft let him have it. there's nothing special about catching things thrown from stage at gigs.
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Odd you say that, the only thing i've ever caught at a concert was a drumstick from Mcbrain of Maiden.

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour. He's great!
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They're not that expensive anyways. Standard bass drum heads run about $30, I'm sure his are custom but they shouldn't cost more much more than that. All in all I'd say hes probably good for that.
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No, I'm not that new. Okay I'm only 15 (laugh away..), but in the last year, I've seen over 20 different artists/gigs. Iron Maiden, roughly a month ago was the latest. I've been too fkin close for picks and drumsticks so the disappointment (sort of) isn't new in that case. It's just that never have I seen drum heads thrown O.o
When I saw Bright Eyes, Conor threw 8 or 9 of the bands latest records into the audience. Just a way to thank the audience, I guess. When I saw Maiden earlier this month, Nicko managed to throw a couple of sticks into the side seating area of the NIA. The man has some impressive strength.
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