As in the title, just turned on my amp the other day to discover barely anything coming from the Bridge Pickup. I knew the toggle switch was pretty dodgy so I replaced that anyway to no avail. I've also checked all connections inside the guitar and it looks pretty good and the Neck Pickup works a treat.
It's a Les Paul and the pickups are SD Alnico Pro IIs.

Any Ideas before I send it off to get repaired?
How close is the pickup to the strings?

If it's too far away you'll have a low output. As for a rewind, I haven't heard of that happening before... Are they relatively new?
They're about 2 years old and have worked perfectly up until they faded away completely. There's been no drop off, just worked one day, gone the next.
Sounds like a wire has become dislodged somewhere...

Do you get a crackly noise when using your volume or tone control for that pickup?
It's okay guys, it's solved. Not entirely sure what it is, but the Bridge pickup tone pot loose so pulled on the negative cable from the pickup and for whatever reason didn't work. Thing is it wasn't noticeably loose, just loose enough that when I last turned it up it must have slightly dislodged. Strange. Thanks anyway guys!