This is my cover of The Beatles' Blackbird. It is a shortened version which is similar to that of Cameron Mitchell's from The Glee Project.


Feel free to rate the video and comment. Also, you can go ahead and take a look at my other two videos.

Constructive criticism is more than welcomed
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Nice little cover, a fun song to play too.
On the constructive side of things, I realize you haven't 'found your voice' yet, or so I think, but don't be afraid to belt it out from your diaphragm, especially when singing something by a guy like Paul McCartney who has got a higher, boyish voice. And as far as the fingerpicking, it was good, but I feel like the focus on the vocals took away from the focus on the guitar. With more practice, you'll play it without thinking and be able to focus your all on your voice. Anyways, C4c?

Nice job bud. I agree with most of what the above poster said... Sounds like your voice has potential but you're not letting it all out and the guitar is distracting you from singing. It's also too bad the sound quality can't be better, but I understand how that can be.

Good job overall!