There are too many depressing metal covers being posted in here Here's the polar opposite. I've learnt the entire Powerpuff Girls theme (originally by Bis) by ear and put together a full instrumental cover.
Everything you hear is a real instrument except the drums and the glockenspiel which were modelled in EZdrummer and True Strike respectively. I tried to give it a little classic rock vibe with the tines pianos and organs and such.
I also put together a little slideshow presentation for the youtube video with pencil drawings on some pieces of pink paper I had left over from revision notes.


(you can download it free here)

Anyway, I'd love to hear some feedback. Mixing/Production? One of my friends told me 3 solos were too many for a 2 minute song, but I'm inclined to disagree

Equipment used
-Logic pro
-Toneport UX1
-Shure PG42 Condenser mic
-Jackson DK2 with Roland Cube 30x
-Peavey BXP grind with Roland bass cube 30x
-Korg Sv1 keyboard

That's too cute haha. Love the mix and overall production. The cover overall has a nice feeling to it! I get this kid/nostalgic feeling listening to it

Bass rules!
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