Hey guys.
So i'm in the market for a new amp head. Currently, I play in a metal/hardcore band (bash me all you want ) but I also have an instrumental guitar project going on. Now, the main thing I need is a nice high gain amp, but also one that has good cleans. Ive heard amp demos for this amp, and absolutely love the tone. Ie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxuu3I0bc9A&feature=related

My question is, will this head sound good in a live setting, or should I consider buying the 6505 instead, and sacrifice my clean tone. I'm also open to other suggestions Thanks for the help. Ps. my budget is $1000.
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6505 cleans are not as bad as everyone says.

Also, you can sacrifice cleans/effects for the awesome gain of the 6505.. Don't even consider the valve when you could also get the 6505.

Especially with a 1k budget.
Try out the Peavey JSX. It's definitely got enough gain and the cleans are pristine. Personal opinion though.

Metal Tone Demo
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You could probs make a 6505 work
I've heard the engl fireballs have decent cleans for a br00tz head.
They affordable over there?
could probs get one used surely
Fender EVHIII 50 will come in at 999 with good cleans, but will still need a cab

dont know about the spider valves