Electric metalhead here looking to get into playing acoustic fingerstyle, in the manner of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Ralph McTell, etc etc. Can't afford a private tutor and I get the same out of a DVD.

Recommendations please? Is there a must-have definitive DVD series for this style?
For some reason, I get the feeling that most of these folk musicians are mostly selfthaught and I can at the moment not think of any fingerstyle guitar basics DVD. The way I learnt it was by youtube - watch players that I liked and then mimic their style - and by classical guitar lessons.

Of course there are instructional DVD's, I myself own one by Tommy Emmanuel, but that one is made for people that already know the technique and have a good enough ear and eye to figure out what he's doing (it's basically like youtube but he explains some of the tunes hard parts in the end). But I'm sure there are basic lessons on youtube! I believe that what you are looking to get into is what's called travis picking. Just search for it and you'll probably find some patterns to get you started and used to that way of playing.