Hey guys, I want your honest opinion. Do you think a Mexican Made Telecaster made by Fender can cover metals songs well?

It was made in 08 so I dont know if that has to do with anything haha. It has 2 single coil pickups, and I run it through a Zoom g2.1u unit to a Marshall Haze 40. Really have a 'rock' style set up, right?
be better for metal than a strat. You could always throw a Hot Rails pickup in the bridge spot if you didn't like the single coil sound for metal.
My band uses Teles a fair bit. It really depends on what kinda sound you're going for though - we have a pretty strong southern vibe, so it makes sense for us to use them. That said, Teles are very versatile, so I think you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting a good metal sound.
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I think the single-coils of the MIM Standards handles distortion quite well. They certainly sound better with distortion than any other Fender single-coil I've tried. But only you can decide if it is the sound that you're after, and Telecasters are generally quite unusual for metal-player as they are known to have a lot of "twang" in their sound and that isn't exactly something most players are after. The single-coils will also produce far more noise and hum, which of course can be a big problem.

Of course, a simple pickup change - there are several single-coil-sized and high output humbuckers for Teles available on the market - would get rid of those problems. And if you like the guitar, well, then there's your choice!
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I hadn't realized this, but in reading an old interview with Jimmy Page (reprint of an interview from 1977) he said that he had used a Telecaster for a lot (most?) of his Yardbirds-era recordings, and also for some/most of the songs on LZ I. I had always assumed that most were played on his Les Paul(s), but apparently that started with LZ II.

(The article below says that the Telecaster had been given to him by Jeff Beck, during his Yardbird days, and that he also used this guitar to record the solo on Stairway to Heaven (even though he used his Gibson "SG-like" double-neck for concerts). As another aside, his '59 Les Paul was a gift from Joe Walsh, of all people...)

I think theyre too bright and too twnagy for metal. but my amp and cabinet are also super bright to begin with so that may be my problem
Only with a pickup swap would it work well for metal. I have had a Tele with a modified JB jr in the bridge. It sounded amazingly well, kinda like a bright LP. I just made a Tele style guitar that I put GFS lil' punchers in, but I havent used it yet. Need a Super 5 way (PRS style) to get single and HB's.
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