quick question, did randy rhoads use a classical guitar for relveation, goodbye to romance and diary of a madman, or were those songs used with an eletric?
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Yes he used a classical on those. I'm not sure but I think he might've double the part with a steel string acoustic too....but I know he used a classical guitar on those
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Revelation, classical...duo or maybe classical doubled and electric?

Goodbye to Romance, didn't hear any classical but theres a lot going on here soo

Diary of a Madman, sounds like some classical but doubled with an electric

Just going by ear though, I play classical regularly so i like to think I can hear it when its there
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i recently got a classical guitar, so i started saying , Hey hes using a classical isnt he?

well at least i know, you can use the guitar for metal :P thats F***ing sweet, i think my inspiration from him increased by 7000 thousad folds.
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whatever band randy rodes is in...take it to his band's thread.

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