So, I'll start with pictures, because that's what people usually look for in these topics. :P

Outside of the case...

The inside of the case...

The guitar itself is a Gibson as well.

Gibson SG Standard Cherry Red! ;D

Review in short:

I had always played a Les Paul up until now, so this is a major difference to play for me.

It's a light guitar and it's a bit neck heavy, but with my strap, it stays in place just fine and doesn't dive.

Quality-wise, this is a big step up from my Epiphone Les Paul Standard (which I do like), but I was looking for something different. I have played the explorer, the V, a Les Paul Standard, some Fenders, some Jacksons and a couple of ESP's, and this one came out on top for me.

It feel incredibly nice and just suits everything. I like the cleans, the aggresive rock and searing metal tones it can bring and versatility really is key in this guitar. I always thought a Les Paul or a PRS would be the most versatile guitar, but an SG feels like a Les Paul on steroids. More output and more bite.

For the rest, the neck is more comfortable than the bat-like neck my Les Paul has and I can play a lot faster on the SG than I can on my Les Paul.

All in all, it's versatile and it sounds good for about anything.

I might record clips if someone wanted, but I think there are enough clips of the SG to be found with better playing than mine.
That is a pretty guitar. HNGD!
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I love the heritage cherry SG's these guitars are sex in guitar form.

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Beautiful Guitar. HNGD!
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You have me GASing for one now Too bad I don't like how SGs feel

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happy new sg day! now play yourself some classic SG tunes

Been there, done that! This guitar just screams for ACDC, Sabbath and the likes. :P But I find you can play about anything on this guitar, if the amp it's paired up with is versatile enough. ^^
Congrats mate, HNGD
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