Just wondering if a Bugera 333xl with a Engl 2x12 cab is a good combo,
im going for a Jj cale/Led zeppelin- mellow rock tone.
I also want to be able to crank it to get a good/loud rock tone-something like a April wine, Acdc, Kiss tone.
And finally its not a necessity but i want to know if this combo can handle a full on metal tone- Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Black Sabbath.

overall im looking for a three in one, a good mellow sound, a loud distorted rock n roll tone, and a headbanging metal tone.
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you might want to look at a Peavey Valveking. i play a lot of the same stuff and found that the VK is pretty good for the clean stuff up through 70s early 80s hard rock/metal.

wow April Wine don't hear about them much these days. i was jamming along with I Like To Rock just the other day.