So, I'm 17 and I finally have some people in mind who I could ask to be in a band. The bass player I know is a good friend of mine. However the drummer...We don't dislike eachother, we just don't really talk or hang out or anything, but he drums like a son of a bitch, and he's the only drummer I know. How do I ask him if he wants to be in a band if we've never really talked before?
Just bring it up in conversation..."you play drums right? we should jam sometime" or something like that
"Hey I've noticed you drum like a son of a bitch. You wanna play together some time?"
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Basically what everyone else said.
I wasn't really friends with my drummer before we decided to make a band, but we'd talked about jamming before- we jammed, I brought a friend, and now we're a trio of musicians and of friends. Its cute.
I wouldn't necessarily ask him to be in a band right out.

Instead, invite him over to jam. Let whether or not you're a "band" flow organically from you guys hanging out and having a good time jamming.