I re-recorded a song and need some judges on the mix job I did on it. it's sort of a heavy drop c tuning metal song

This is comment for comment

Plus if you comment, can you tell me some good ways to pan all my tracks? I usually do:

1) drums in center
2)rhythm one all the way left
3)rhythm two all the way right

Then I'll record the same lead twice but on two separate tracks because it seems nicer that way. So the lead part is:

1) lead at 25 left
2)same lead recorded again at 25 right
3)harmonization at the end of the lead left 25

Sorry if I'm just being confusing, but I don't usually like my mixes and just want some help.

To be honest, I prefered the original recording you did. The drums were more solid and the guitars sounded much fuller in the mix. The writing and execution were good. A few farty notes, but nonetheless well done.

I suggest playing around with some compression (not too much). Short attack, medium release, maybe a 10:1 ratio, use make-up gain to your discretion. A small boost at around 2-3kHz and 150Hz will usually give your guitars a little more 'oomph' and bite. Cutting some of the 400-600Hz fequencies can help get rid of any boxxy/nasally sound.

Turn down the bass and the gain on your amp or whatever it is you're using. It'll work wonders on your sound. Throw on a tiny bit of reverb and boost some +8kHz frequencies to help it breathe a bit. Be gentle with your adjustments.

Don't be discouraged though, because as far as what I usually hear on here, it's easily in the top 80th percentile as far as quality goes. It's a good start, but really focus on getting a tighter, more focused guitar sound. That should be your next step in my opinion.




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